About Us

About Awaken Solar

Awaken Solar is an Idaho-based company providing nationwide education on solar energy. With our free services and resources, we’re here to help you invest in solar with confidence. Our process is designed to eliminate your chances of getting lied to by a biased company.

We’re shining sunlight on the entire solar industry with third-party recommendations and honest, public information.

When you don’t understand your options, making the switch to solar energy can be complicated and confusing. At Awaken Solar, we work with you to evaluate your property’s unique solar criteria and identify the trusted providers in your area.

Once we analyze your ideal match together, we move forward on your behalf to negotiate the prices. We exist to get you the best possible deal for your wants and needs. That way, you can have a worry-free journey into solar!

Twenty Years of Renewables Experience

Offering Current and Unbiased Education

Promoting Technology for Conservation

The Mission

I love teaching others about solar power, alternative energy, and the policies surrounding both.

My life goal is to help more than one million American homes and businesses go solar—on their terms, in the right way.

That being said, I also recognize that every customer has different needs when going solar. Based on your location and setup, it doesn’t always make sense.

My first step is always to run the numbers with you and see if solar can save you green, in the form of YOUR money. I know I’m doing a good job if I can help you figure out whether investing renewables is right for you.