For the average homeowner, switching to solar can offset some or even ALL of your expensive kilowatt-hours (kWh), saving hundreds and even thousands per month on utility bills.

A quality solar system should last well over 30 years. After the first decade, the average electricity offset savings is already over 5 figures! So what can you save?

When you go with a Sunshine-Approved solar provider, you’re guaranteed to recover the kWh’s and savings for decades to come. We’ll vet the installation companies for you!

On average, U.S. businesses that invest in solar offset more than 75% of their electricity use. That results in an average savings of over $1,400 every month. Ready to change?

Own the power of the sun...on your terms!

Awaken Solar is here to be your trusted, independent advisor in the solar energy world.

Joshua “Sunshine” Hill and Awaken Solar promise to deliver 100% honest and accurate information for homeowners and businesses looking to invest in solar. Each and every Sunshine-Approved company has been carefully vetted for quality.

Awaken Solar only suggests products and services that are the best and most cost-effective solutions for sustainability. From there, it’s just a matter of finding the right match for your needs. Enjoy the free content, then consider hiring Sunshine for personalized advice or help negotiating your solar contract.  

Let America’s first and only truly free solar company save you thousands of dollars on your new solar equipment! Awaken Solar is here to make the process honest and easy for you.

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There are some outright lies in the renewable industry. That’s why Awaken Solar exists: To provide free resources for home and business owners looking to make the most of their investment.

Invest in the best...for YOU.

You don’t have to meet with a salesperson for solar to learn about your options. Take the pressure off your decision (and get all the facts) by talking with an unbiased expert. Sunshine is here to help!

We know how to help. Client satisfaction guaranteed!

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There are incredible differences in quality between solar companies. Sunshine can help you sort through your options for a truly worry-free process.


Certain details should always be written in plain English. We know exactly what to ask and what you should get! Let’s negotiate the fine points of your solar contract BEFORE you invest.


Find the best company for your needs and feel good moving forward. Awaken Solar guarantees you’ll get the quality you want, as well as long-term support.


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Awaken Solar guarantees satisfaction in our ability to help educate, advise, and facilitate your solar investment. If we don’t save you money, our service is freeZERO risk to you!


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