BREAKDOWN of Project Griff: specs and what’s possible with solar & EV’s

BREAKDOWN of Project Griff: specs and what’s possible with solar & EV’s

Griff, the 100% solar powered electric box truck I built, (allegedly according to a post on social media) broke down in St. George, Utah!

“So WHAT Happened? Did Griff BREAKDOWN?”

This was news to me…as the truck in fact hadn’t failed to function. Griff was in Utah in 2019, I drove it there from Las Vegas immediately after I bought the truck. At this point in time it had no solar installed, I was performing initial real-world tests by charging and driving it as much as I could. I was still working full-time, and had to have the truck shipped from St. George to Boise where I would begin installation of the solar to create a fully solar powered electric vehicle! Mainly working weekends and not making much progress until I quit my job to work full-time on Griff in 2020.

Yet on social media recently someone said they saw the truck broken down. I have fully realized that I will not be able to avoid negativity around my project. I tried to prepare mentally for this type of post, but seeing a blatant and unsubstantiated lie which could only serve to try and detract from what I’m attempting to accomplish cut to the quick. When I replied, my purpose was to ask and find out what the person would like to see from my work in the energy industry…I’m still waiting on an answer.

I can ignore the negative, but I can’t stop the challenges. There have been many…many…MANY challenges already. Without going into detail just this past week I have had multiple calls from previous customers due to the company I used to work for filing bankruptcy. Not having worked there in 3 months, I could have told them I couldn’t help, or just not even answered the phone. However I always want to do what is right, and help my customers. So I’ve been working with each of them, with no monetary reward, but only knowing that if I was in their position I’d want help. On the day I write this post, I met with a lawyer to try and recover the thousands and thousands I am owed by a contractor over a solar project. Yet these challenges are simply hurdles to overcome so I can fulfill my goal of going coast-to-coast powered by only solar electricity.

“What are your goals?”

I built #projectgriff in an attempt to show the world what is possible. To prove that with hard-work, I could create not only a solar powered truck, but a brand that serves the people by educating them on the technology and industry.

I want to prove why solar is the best source of energy for home and business owners.
– The sun is beating down energy on your roof, we should be using it!

To prove that pairing an EV with solar allows for true energy independence.
– No more fuel bills for the rest of your life, typically saving thousands of dollars each year!

I want to dedicate my life to a cause which improves people’s lives now and in the future.
– I hope to leave behind projects which provide energy and inspiration to others…and to be successful as the result of helping people!

Teaching others what is possible with project Griff is how I hope to achieve all of the above.

“What are the specs of your truck?”

I truly believe the specifications ultimately don’t matter.
How far can I go?
I can go until there is no more sunlight! (*this means for a few billion more years until the sun burns out, give or take)

How much battery capacity does Griff have?
If I had more money, I could add more storage and range (I have over 200 kWh now!), and as technology improves I can add more efficient batteries!

How much solar do you have?
More than enough for a full charge each day (even on cloudy days!)…but the point of Griff is to show it is POSSIBLE to be powered by ONLY sunshine. No outside fuel needed.

Even if a normal EV with a solar roof only gets 20% of a charge each day…that is TWENTY PERCENT more power for free, each day the car is in the sun!

As a thought experiment, I’d like to encourage us all to think about what we do, say and even post online. Let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes of the recipient of our actions, before we act. I believe we can improve more than we imagine possible, simply by thinking.

I hope my work at least gives you something to think about.

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  • Matt Holten

    Hope you stop by Carlsbad/Encinitas while you’re in SoCal! Would love to see/photograph Griff by the ocean and write an article for my site
    Don’t mind the haters – it just means you’re doing a good job! And stay awesome friend I have not yet met!

    • Joshua Hill

      We will certainly try! Please follow us on social media @AwakenSolar and send a DM when we get close!

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