I need you to help me solve a problem…

I need you to help me solve a problem…

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla


I need you to help me solve a serious problem.  I don’t want you to have to take large amounts of action, pay a lot of money or have to work really hard to help solve this problem.  In fact, I want to show you how you can easily help me solve this problem AND save or make money!


All I’ll ask for is that you take some time to learn from and WITH me, and then to either get a bit more information that applies to you directly or simply tell someone about my videos, writings and websites!


Here’s the first fact to help you realize how you can help – If you’re hearing the sound of my voice, I can guarantee you are, at least a tiny part, of this problem…


I’ll go ahead and be direct even though I know you’ve probably already figured this out – the problem is energy and electricity supply!


You’re using something powered by electricity right now!  Or you’ve used something in the past 24 hours.  Think I’m wrong?  Maybe I am – but in my work I will talk about anything I get wrong, or make a mistake about, as well many other things in later videos.


We as a country and world have to solve the problem of creating energy sustainably for ourselves and our children NOW, and for the future…


Want to help?


I know you’re thinking “sure, Sunshine, I’d love to help, but I’ve heard promises like this before and I got burned or lied to by someone”


I understand this because I’ve been burned too – a lot of times!  I’m a trusting person, a romantic who believes in honesty and love – I try to laugh even when these situations happen and I start to feel negative towards someone or something.  I’ve been betrayed and lied to by friends, family, companies and institutions – you name it.


Did I get promised I’d have a warranty on my house or car, paid for it, then when something went wrong – I was denied?  Yes.  Or worse, have you been guaranteed your costs were going to be covered, say by a warranty or health costs covered by an insurance company, then later denied by that same company?  Or told that Diet soda tastes just like regular soda by a brand you used to trust?!?


We’ve all been misled before, and THAT’s what I consider part of my life’s mission – to help YOU never be misled or misinformed by evil people, specifically by a nefarious salesperson or company in alternative energy.  I will guarantee that my content will always serve to give accurate information and help you make great decisions and investments in your energy needs.


I want to show you the reality of how you can change the way you get energy, and save money in the process.  I don’t care about politics, I care about your FREEDOM – your ability to get accurate information about the best way to power your home, your devices, your car!  My mission is to deliver 100% honest and accurate information to create the best possible experience for clients like you investing in sustainability.


From the bottom of my heart I promise to always be true to this mission and give you the BEST POSSIBLE solution to your energy needs.  If what I’m talking about is not a good fit for you specifically, I’ll tell you not to invest.  This happens sometimes.  I want to focus on the best solutions for you that you may not even know about.  I want to learn about these solutions with you.  I want to discuss potential solutions with the best people in the world, to help change the way we all view long-term energy needs.  Maybe you’ve never even thought about your energy use – how your home, business, phone or tv got its power never crossed your mind.  That’s ok.  I would like you to take a small interest in this right now however, because I am willing to bet you will usually learn about a BETTER option for you to change your energy source.  I’ll teach you how to save money and as a side effect create a better future.


If nothing else, I hope my content can show you some options that will help you save green in two ways – money may not grow on trees as we say but you can grow trees by saving money!


Awaken to the options of solar and renewable energy.

-Joshua “Sunshine” Hill

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